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This elegant book chronicles the efforts of the impressive team of international architects, designers and businessmen who created Los Angeles' famed Art Deco masterpiece.

Bullocks Wilshire recounts the lives of the two immigrant entrepreneurs, John Gillespie Bullock and Percy Glen Winnett, who, with this magnificent department store, tested a new theory of retailing in the suburbs, and the architectural team, Parkinson and Parkinson, who executed that vision into one of Los Angeles' most beloved landmarks.

Written by a noted chronicler of Los Angeles history based on extensive interviews and research, Bullocks Wilshire promises readers an unprecedented opportunity to peek inside the doors of a unique architectural icon and discover its rich history from construction and golden age to its renovation and rebirth.
The Sportswear Department

A store like no other, the architectural gem is considered a national treasure, part of the fabric of Los Angeles, indelibly etched into the city's cultural soul. This hard-cover volume combines 100 beautifully reproduced historical photographs with the dramatic text of award-winning author Margaret Leslie Davis. New Forthcoming Edition to be published by Balcony Press, 2008. Pre-Order Now.

"A loving coffeetable book." --New York Times