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Margaret Leslie Davis's riveting biography follows Edward Doheny from his days as an itinerant prospector in the rugged western territories into the jungles of Mexico, where he built an oil empire that helped inaugurate a new era of petroleum. But it was a tale that ended in tragedy when--at the peak of his power and prestige--Doheny became embroiled in the notorious Teapot Dome scandal and was charged with bribing the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.
Edward and Estelle Doheny's wedding day, Aug. 22, 1900.

"Margaret Leslie Davis has written a superbly researched and definitive account of the founder of the modern petroleum industry in California and of his machinations in Mexico and involvement in the notorious Teapot Dome scandal. Davis has a sympathetic understanding of Doheny but tells his story warts and all. He emerges from this compelling biography as a conflicted man who is at once a hero and a scoundrel--and above all an American original who seems larger than life." --Lou Cannon, The Washington Post, author of President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime

"Having admired Margaret Leslie Davis' RIVERS IN THE DESERT, I eagerly plunged into this companion tale of a California titan-and couldn't bear to put it down. One could never invent such a story and make it credible; only a superior biographer (and researcher) could have brought it to the printed page with such rich and revealing detail." -- Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight