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The mythlike story of how one man through daring and engineering genius invented Los Angeles of the future, only to fall tragically from grace. The man was William Mulholland; his creation, the Los Angeles Aqueduct, the tremendous waterway that transformed an arid and sparsely populated town into a thriving city of millions.

"In this splendid new biography, the first full-length study of its subject, Margaret Leslie Davis has brought forward to memory the one person who, along with Felipe de Neve, deserves the title Founder of the City. Like Los Angeles itself, William Mulholland was at once the great and flawed product of his own imagination and will. -- Kevin Starr, author of Americans and the California Dream Series, California State Librarian Emeritus

Mulholland Dam, Hollywood Reservoir

Margaret Leslie Davis has shrewdly chosen to take the story of Los Angeles' quest for water as a classic tragedy in the life of William Mullholland and the city he did so much to build.
--Los Angeles Times

 "A dramatic saga of ambition, politics, money and betrayal." --The Los Angeles Daily News

"A fascinating history." --Newsweek Magazine