Arrival of the Mona Lisa, New York Harbor, Dec. 1962

Mona Lisa in Camelot: How Jacqueline Kennedy and Da Vinci's Masterpiece Charmed and Captivated a Nation, an account of
the Mona Lisa's tumultuous voyage in 1963 and the critical role
Jacqueline Kennedy played in the painting's successful debut at the
National Gallery and the Met -- an 88-day visit that forever changed America's relationship with high art. From Da Capo Press of the Perseus Books Group.

As Seen on Good Morning America and Featured in Vanity Fair.

Purse Strings of Phoebe Hearst: Her Philanthropy, Social Vision and Dreams for Her Son William Randolph Hearst. Catherine Chabot Davis with Prologue by Margaret Leslie Davis, from California Press in 2013. The intriguing life story of the diminutive dynamo of ambition and the emotional tug-of-war between mother and son.