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Margaret Leslie Davis is the award winning author of books about
the history of the West, a region she calls the "Pastel Empire."
The author's books have been praised by reviewers in the
Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Publisher's Weekly,
Newsweek and the New York Times.

The author's most recent biography is The Culture Broker: Franklin D. Murphy and the Transformation of Los Angeles. For thirty years, Murphy was the dominant figure in the cultural development of Southern California, elevating America's second city into an arts capital.

Franklin Murphy with Martin Luther King, April, 1965

Six years in the making, Davis' book traces the life and accomplishments of the most important cultural figure in 20th century Los Angeles.

"Margaret Leslie Davis' ongoing examination of Los Angeles through the lives of its civic and cultural leaders is a grand project, deserving of generous praise. More than any writer of our time, she is methodically supplying this city with an understanding of itself. . . . Davis' devotion to the task is evident in her choice of subjects . . . and in the rigorous research that is her signature. She is amassing a body of work without peer and, in the process, is delivering subtle lessons for today's leaders -- or what's left of them."
-- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand the history of California."
-- Publishers Weekly